Friday, February 21, 2014

Que the Foghorn

It's a gray, drizzly day up on the hill. Better than snow, I suppose. Pete had another birthday this week. I finished knitting the parts to a "Voodoo you love me" stuffie. That and Bunny Love need their finishing touches and they will be done. Last night, I started some Stitch Surfer Socks. I've wanted to try that one for awhile. This pair is a trial run to familiarize myself with the construction. The yarn I'm using is stash yarn I acquired at the yarn shop a long time ago.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Warm Thoughts

This week has been very uneventful...and cold. Perfect time to think back to the beautiful warmness of 
Punta Cana 2012. 

There has been a finished object and some heart crocheting as we approach February and Valentine's Day. My motivation and positivity has wained a bit this week but I am determined to get it back. I really want to get this place organized and purge a bunch of non-essential stuff. That is my goal for next week. Closets, drawers and craft room!

Have a great weekend! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Knitting

 I'm still a "jump all over the place" knitter. I start way too many more projects than I actually finish. Participating in knit-a-longs helps me finish items on a timeline. But I haven't participated in any of those for a while. Most were tied to podcasts and my obsession with video podcasts has wained. What am I knitting then? I just finished a Windschief Cowl (pattern by Stephen West) for myself in Tosh DK Seasalt colorway. I'll probably wear it Saturday when Pete and I go to Newport. I also have decided to knit a bunch of baby items to have when the need might arise to give a baby gift. I'm not at all good with knitting for deadlines like baby due dates so this should solve that issue. So I've started knitting some I Love Stockinette Baby Bibs. I have a decent stash of cotton yarn that can be used for these. Then my sister asked me to make her a Weather The Weather hat. The yarn has been ordered and as soon as it arrives I'll get to it.

What else would I like to knit this year? I really want to knit another sweater for myself. I've only knit two and haven't worn them in forever. And I'd like to crochet a throw for my living room. I have a pattern which I will link to at another time. It consists of granny squares and I think is really pretty. I also need to replenish my wool socks. Many have gotten holey beyond repair and went in the trash. There are also a few stuffed animals/toys I'd like to make. So I think I'll continue to be a busy knitter in the coming year and hopefully finish more of what I've started.

Monday, January 20, 2014


The weekend was truly uneventful and very much a relaxing one. There were no trips anywhere unless you want to include Pete's trip to the dump on Saturday morning. It was a much needed time to do practically nothing. Since Thanksgiving we have been on the go or had a house full of people and mess or needed to be somewhere. This weekend finally marked the end of that. We put Christmas back in the attic. Pete took the old sectional couch to the dump. The new sectional is a bit smaller than the old one so it feels like we have more room to move in the living room. The cabinet from my mother-in-laws apartment fits nicely in the living room too.

There was some snow on Saturday. Not much. Maybe 2 inches. But it's cold again and will only get colder. Which is ok because it is January. More snow is forecast for later this week which is fine with me. I only have to go to the dentist tomorrow and beyond that nothing but grocery shopping is planned.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Blogging from My iPad

One of my goals this year is to figure out how to blog from my ipad. This is my maiden voyage. Turns out there's an app for that. Let's try posting a picture. 

The new couch

Monday, January 13, 2014

Road Trip

I'm not going to lie. This had to be the quickest, whirlwind road trip since well, the early 80's and some "totally unlike me spontaneous un-thoughtout" road trips I took in college. Wish it was as fun as the 8o's trips but oh well. This is real life. The Jetta we sold Zach over Christmas died in New Jersey where he stopped to spend time with his aunt and cousins on his way back to N. Carolina. Yeah, died. He freaked, we freaked. He had to be back at Lejeune by 6pm Sunday and we had to get the Jetta back to MA. We got Zach back to the base but not before one flight was cancelled and we had to re-book him on another flight-first class no less because that's all that was available. Thank goodness this all happened while he was at his aunt's and not on the road.

Pete and I drove to S. Jersey Saturday in pouring rain and fog to get the Jetta and tow it back to MA. The one bright spot is we got to spend a few hours with Sue and her family. I think I've seen her more in the last year than I have in the last ten years. My nephew, as always, made me laugh. He's hysterical. Since birth. Really. He's that funny.

We awoke Sunday to bright sunny skies and seasonable temperatures. Traffic wasn't crazy. At least until we hit N. Jersey and the Newark area. Even then it wasn't terrible. We made really good time. It felt really good to be home and have that little adventure done. Hopefully, the repairs won't be too major or expensive. Oh and we own it again. It's a neat little car (which is why we sold it to Zach in the first place) so I'm not terribly upset about it. C'est la vie!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year 2014 edition

Here I go again. 

Goal: Post at least once a week. For now. 

Goal: Figure out how to blog from my iPad.

Goal: Be a bit more focused on what I'm doing day to day whether it be knitting or sewing or getting healthy or being organized in general.

Goal: Be Positive! This is probably the most important goal at the moment. It has been too easy to sink into the negative. And to be critical and judgmental. I want that to stop. 

Be positive or I'm going to have to ask you to leave!